Can you survive without IT support? Is it necessary or would you consider it a waste of resources?
The truth of the matter is that having IT provider toronto in your organization may be a necessary evil, especially where the staff has limited IT knowledge. The IT support team will help deal with issues such as gray and clutter in an email.

How to deal with graymail and cluttered inbox

We all hate spam email. Spam emails are those emails we get from people we do not communicate with, or we do not know.

Graymail is mail received from active subscriptions we had made earlier and have not deleted yet. They are not spam, but we often delete them before reading. They may be emails from companies or newsletters we had signed up for.

The problem with spam and graymail is that they litter our inboxes. Besides being a nuisance, it becomes easy to miss important emails. The challenge lies in the fact that they cannot be marked as junk. Better still, they cannot be blocked by anti-spam software.

How do we de-clutter our inboxes? Here are a few tips according to IT support experts:

While handling graymail:

Avoid being added to new mailing list. In case you are added, unsubscribe or ask to be removed
Unsubscribe to any graymail that you no longer wish to receive.

There are tools that can be used to sort mail to avoid cluttering your primary inbox. For instance, Gmail allows users to classify their emails into categories such as primary and social. Sorting out your inbox will distinguish important email from the gray mail.

Preventing unwanted graymail

Anytime you give your email address to a website always ensure to check off the “opt-in” box. In most instances, the box is already checked. That means you have involuntarily.