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With the velocity at which technology progresses, it is a tough challenge for readers to stay on tabs with each industry determining update without becoming a subscribed reader on our platform. Covering the most sought after technology topics days ahead of everyone else, the content we publish is always attractive to readers thanks to other readers themselves letting us in on what is hot and what they would love to know more about.

Readers are an important element in the process flow of each article we put up for reading on the platform, the majority of articles we approve have gone on to attract a lot of engagement directly or on the many posts they are shared on social media as.

With a lot of respect to the process of developing both the content and the platform, we are always simulating small experiments as technology enthusiasts usually do; and these change triggers are the reasons for our success all over.

The social media trends we have triggered through planned and scheduled posts are another reason we are popular for calling out the updates before anyone else. The dedication we invest in each of the pieces we let out to the readers always comes back as immediate results.