Though private jets are very flexible and relaxed around the client, there are some general norms that have developed over the years which can now be considered as onboard etiquette. If you are looking to hire private plane rentals for the first time, you may not so some of these. But it is always helpful to be knowledgeable on the rules, and avoid the risk of making a bad impression.

From dressing, to how to behave throughout the journey, the following articles covers 10 useful tips that can help you enhance your private jet-iquette skills:


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With knee defenders causing tempers to boil over on airline flights, onboard etiquette is a matter of much debate at the moment. The seat pitch onboard a private jet definitely means your knees escape unscathed, but there are other dos and don’ts when it comes to the etiquette rulebook for private flights.

Private jet travel is a lot more relaxed than many people think. It’s all geared around the client, so it’s hard to go far wrong. But there are some unspoken rules that frequent fliers observe, which can ensure that first time private jet customers – especially those flying as a guest of someone else – can avoid making the wrong impression.

Here are our ten tips for good private jetiquette:

  • What (not) to wear? If you’re travelling on business, the usual dress code applies. But if you’re travelling for leisure, then avoid being too overdressed. Private jet fashion is all about not trying too hard.
  • Photos and social media. If you’re flying for business, keep it discreet. This isn’t a holiday. Flying for leisure? Snap away. If you’re a guest your host will appreciate your enjoyment (but check first before you tag any other passengers, it’s called private aviation for a reason).
  • Always let your host board the aircraft first, especially if you’re a guest and it’s your first time on a jet. He or she will have a favourite seat, and you don’t want to make this your first and last invitation.
  • Be demanding (nicely). Ask upfront for anything that will make your trip more enjoyable – whether it’s music, magazines, a favourite herbal tea, or organic dog food. It’s a bespoke flying experience, so make it your own.
  • No need to switch off devices. You can use them freely onboard a private jet. And as the aircraft is yours, there’s no need to worry about annoying strangers with your ringtones. Many private jets have wifi, so you can work or catch up while you fly.

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From dining to dressing, travelling on a private jet is a wonderful experience for anyone who can make it. If you got your etiquettes right, whether you are the host or the guest, you can be sure to have a good time, and with proper manners. It is always helpful to know as much as you can. For instance, check out this interesting article that lists the most popular foods on a private jet:


We’re often asked about what private jet travellers eat onboard a flight. I think we’re all secretly a little fascinated by what others eat.

The answer is pretty much anything you like. When it comes to private jet catering, it’s as bespoke as the itinerary. As the customer, you specify what you would like to eat before the flight, and we’ll work with a private jet caterer – or sometimes with specialised suppliers or restaurants – to arrange the perfect menu.

And once we know a client’s catering preferences, we can recreate that home-from-home feeling, with their favourite food in the fridge on every flight.

Some customers will request extravagant and complex menus, others will choose simpler dishes. Either way, these are always prepared from the highest quality, fresh ingredients.

And of course the onboard food is served alongside a range of drinks including mineral water; teas and coffee; soft drinks, mixers and juices; premium spirits; wines and champagne. The drinks are as personalised as the food, and we’ll provide specific labels and vintages; or a particular brand of coffee or tea, according to the client’s preferences.

Below are the dishes our customers eat most frequently onboard our flights. The most popular are not necessarily the most extreme or sensational of course.

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