With summer season right upon, people with back pain have a few things to look out for if they don’t want to worsen their condition. When it comes to dealing with back pains, you don’t always need a chiropractic doctor, and can help yourself from time to time if you are aware of the details. With few simple practices, you can make your summer more enjoyable without letting the back pain bring you down.

If you are planning to make a few trips this summer, you do not want to end up wasting it in a hospital bed suffering with severe back pain. To know more about how you can deal with back pain this summer, check out this article by Carrie DeVries, that focuses on specific things to look out for this summer:

Summer Hazards That May Worsen Back Pain

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As summer sets in and days lengthen, many people rejoice in the warmer temperatures and fun activities this time of year offers.

But if you have back pain, the story may be a little more complicated. For some people with back pain, the warm weather means relief, while others struggle with the effects of the heat.

The weather itself is a factor for back pain in the summer. Although scientific studies have not really shown a concrete connection between weather and back or joint pain, many people report that heat, humidity, or even barometric pressure makes a difference in their pain levels—for better or for worse.

There are a few ways you can cope with weather-related symptoms, including:

  • Take advantage of indoor air-conditioning to cut humidity levels
  • Use ice therapy to soothe and decrease inflammation to painful areas


In addition to the weather itself, several other seasonal factors can put a damper on your summer fun. Consider this list of back pain triggers in the summer—and tips for managing those triggers:

  • Travel. Summer vacations away from home can be a lot of fun. But the travel generally involves sitting in a car or plane for extended periods of time, which can be very hard on your neck and back.


Sleep. Developing and worsening insomnia can be a problem during the summer. Long summer days can lead to a change in sleep patterns. Increased activity out of the house can make it impossible to keep a consistent sleep and nap schedule. Summer travel may have you sleeping on a different bed and mattress. Also, heat and humidity can make it difficult to be comfortable falling and staying asleep.

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It is always a go idea to plan ahead and be ready for situations that might affect your health and well-being. Now that you know better, make your summer trip a safe one, and pass on your learnings to anyone who might be suffering from back pain this summer.