EBACE (European Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition) represents the time of the year when the major players in the jet manufacturing industry come out, and display their latest aircraft designs and innovations. From the latest jet charter a plane Canada, to the most stunning interior designs, the jets are designed to rule the sky with dominance, efficiency and luxury.

This year’s EBACE showcased the what market has to offer, and what it can expect. From futuristic concepts to prototype, the event is the one stop destination for all that is happening in the industry. Check out the following article to know more about the new dimensions in private jet:


Several members of our team are at EBACE (European Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition) in Geneva this week, sharing PrivateFly news, networking with industry colleagues and – of course – viewing the aircraft.

For AvGeeks like us, EBACE is always a global highlight of the industry calendar and a time when private jet manufacturers make their major announcements.

It’s an opportunity to showcase their latest developments and flagship aircraft to a large and captive audience. Both in the static display, for which 60 aircraft have flown in this year. And to share aircraft concepts and prototypes that haven’t made it to the runway yet.

Here are some of the manufacturer announcements that caught our attention this week.


At the very top end of the corporate jet market are VVIP airliner conversions, with the best known current models being the Boeing BBJ and Airbus ACJ range. Airbus brought a prototype of its latest ACJ for a brief stop at EBACE.

This is the ACJ350 XWB, a corporate jet version of its A350 airliner, with the XWB standing for ‘extra wide body’ – giving an indication of the impressive cabin size and comfort offered by this new ultra-luxury jet.

The ACJ350 XWB, targeted at heads-of-state and ultra high net worths, will be able to accommodate 25 passengers and fly 22 hours non-stop.

The highly-customisable and state-of-the-art interior will be luxury and modern, and employ a new interior fixing solution called Easyfit. This will equip each new aircraft body with 200 brackets, to which bulkheads, cabinets and fixtures can be attached, making it much easier for completions engineers to fit the cabin.

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The depths of human innovation and technological advancement continues to take humanity forward, from the skies to the outer space. Such new innovations are always exciting to look into, and worth waiting to see how it can help to speed up the advancement of human technology. To know more on what we learn about the airlines industry from this year’s EBACE, check out the following video:

EBACE2016 Wraps Up on a High Note