The Toronto experiential marketing together with the right cloud are there to bring solutions to the IT people so that they can majorly focus on initiatives that make business to grow. This is made possible by the excellent features that are brought by this services such as innovation, speed, savings and compliance assurance. When all these are met in a firm, the result is quality services of the firm, faster response time and most importantly the firm gains assurance from its clients. In the following discussion we are going to illustrate some of the major IT and cloud managed services and how they are important to a firm.

Cloud infrastructure

This is an ordered approach that helps in bringing together different devices such the server, power, storage embedded security, network resources and cooling management capabilities together to a common pool of action so that applications and involved resources can be managed in a holistic way. It is a very important strategy that ensures optimum running and protection of mission critical workloads, cloud computing, consolidation and most importantly energy efficiency.

Cloud Backup

This a mechanism that protects a company’s data against data loss by saving the data in cloud. It an excellent service that enable an organization to practice technologies of superior off-site back up data protection and at the same help in data redundancy and retrieval. This a very crucial cloud service that helps a firm in saving cost and time that might be involved in getting data back if in any case disaster ever strike. Therefore it is important in reducing an organization’s risk, cutting cost and most importantly increasing an organization’s advantage of not have to build and maintain an infrastructure.

Unified communication

This a cloud mechanism that is used to integrate video, data, voice and mobile application across a fixed specified network using any media device or operating system preferred by the employees of a particular firm. The major importance is mechanism is that it enhances and ensure quality and efficient communication among the employees of a firm therefore promoting high productivity and happiness within a firm.

Desktop-As-A Service

This is an IT infrastructure that that is outsourced by BigAir Group using the cloud services. It works by the fact that it enables people to carry with them their desktop environment to any device. It is important because people can work with their familiar and approved desktop from anywhere.

Wi-Fi-As-A Service (WaaS)

This is an agile networking mechanism that is usually of high speed that is deployed in the networks of firms to ensure high performance of the firms. This service is fully managed by a cloud based management system. This service is important in the sense that it allows businesses with limited IT resources to provide secure, reliable and fast wireless Wide Area Network across a number of locations without necessarily having highly skilled engineers to do the task.

IT infrastructure management

This are services that are specifically designed to ensure maximum uptime and performance of the systems by keeping the key components running perfectly. It also involves managing and monitoring IT infrastructures to improve on features such as: availability, reliability and performance of applications, devices and networks. This service is managed by cloud based management system that ensure cost effectiveness of the internal resources hence improving on their strategic initiatives.